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Meet Sam, "Nature Person" and Crystal Enthusiast!! 💎🌿💎🌈🌿

Here at Those Nature People, we have a variety of awesome people who work for us! Today we spoke with Sam, a crystal and gemstone enthusiast, who has worked with us for a VERY long time and is super knowledgeable on our products!! She can usually can be found at our main location in Frankenmuth! Read a little bit about Sam and her favorite crystals and Those Nature People products, and enjoy some snapshots she took of her own goodies!


1) Hello, Sam! Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Air Plant

My name is Samantha, everyone calls me Sam! I work at Those Nature People Herb Haus, mainly at the Frankenmuth location, but you may have seen me at the market locations at any time! I am 25 years old (26 on Nov. 14th!), I am a portrait photographer and I love nature! Some ways I show my love for nature would be my personal favorite, growing a butterfly and bee friendly garden to attract them to my area. I upcycle boxes and old frames and turn them into something useful or decorative.

2) How long have you worked at Those Nature People?

Those Nature People Spices

December 10th, 2009 is when I began at Those Nature People. I didn’t begin as a “Nature Person.” I originally started as the owner’s babysitter! They lived above the store when I began and they needed help so they could run the store. Eventually the kids were growing and hitting milestones they didn’t want to miss out on. I believe that is when I started to show interest in the retail side of the job. Within a few days I was running the register and learning as much as I could about herbs, gemstones and oils. I then started to learn from the best about how to make the awesome products we sell today. My favorite thing about this job is that we still pour every bottle, label every jar, screw on every cap and that it’s all by hand. Always and forever!

3) Now, you usually work at our main store in Frankenmuth. What is unique about working in that location?

Those Nature People in Frankenmuth

I love working at the Frankenmuth location because that is the location we make all of our products! I help make Those Nature People products and print all the product labels for them. Frankenmuth has great visitors from all around the world. I love hearing everyone’s unique stories and meeting new people every time I work. This location has also the largest gemstone selection. Last time we took count it was over 250 types of gemstones, minerals and crystals. We are always getting new items in as well!

4) Have you personally used our products? How have they helped you?

Those Nature People Crystals, Gemstones, and Air Plants

I don’t even know where to begin with all of my favorite TNP products! Gemstones have to be my number one, every time we get new ones I love looking through to see which one I can add to my ever growing collection on the walls. I collect things that make me feel inspired and happy to be in the space I am in. For example, creativity is a big part of my job here at TNP and in my own photography. I usually check them out and look at the most appealing colors, shapes and patterns. I look up the meaning afterwards and there always seems to be a metaphysical property that fits what I need at that time in my life. If I feel like I need an extra boost in a day I will change my necklace stone out of my rock cage or maybe throw a few tourmaline in my pocket for the negative energy from other people! It may be a little “hippie dippie” but I love it and that makes me one happy hippie! I also have been dabbling in aligning chakras and meditation with gemstones. Some of my favorite stones are citrine, picture jasper and malachite. I could go on forever with the metaphysical properties or the formations of gemstones!

Citrine is my birthstone so that one has always been a winner in my book, it is also one of the few crystals that never need to be cleansed. Citrine has been said to dissipate negative energy, bring prosperity, enhance creativity and more! I will say my biggest photography jobs were booked while I was wearing a citrine necklace! ;) It’s always worth a shot! Citrine is a type of quartz crystal, which is also technically amethyst! Citrine is formed from heat treating purple amethyst! I know, I thought they were crazy too! I have heard from some of our customers who have been in the mines that the amethyst deposits on the walls sometimes will already look like citrine naturally which makes it very rare. I would love to visit all of the crystal caves!

Those Nature People Black Tea and Vanilla Sugar

Malachite is another favorite because of it’s a great negative energy cleanser, balancing your heart chakra and bringing positive energy back. Malachite also has the best unique patterns, from dots to stripes, this stone is so cool! Malachite is often found with azurite and those colors together are so perfect! I still have yet to find a piece that I love 100% but I am sure it is out there!

Picture Jasper I love mainly because it almost creates images the way the lines form together! This is caused from mud with quartz crystal coming together with lava and this turns the mud solid immediately. This keeps happening and then eventually it becomes picture jasper! So, basically this gemstone is just a fossil of mud, but I love every picture I find in these!

Some other products I enjoy would be the Aches-n-Pains Salve, it has helped me every time I have been sore after yoga or rollerblading! Rub it where it hurts and the pain is gone in 5 minutes for me! Essential oils are always diffusing in my apartment. 5 drops Crooks Blend Essential Oil and 5 drops of Natural Vanilla Oil is my favorite for this time of year and it smells like cookies! I use all of our bath products from the bars of soap, shampoo, foam soap and salt scrubs! The facial grains make a great “Girls Night” activity.

4) What is your favorite thing about working for Those Nature People?

Those Nature People Body Products

My favorite part about working for Those Nature People is probably the feeling of joy and satisfaction you get when someone comes back in just to tell you how much a product has helped them! We have great repeat customers who have bought the same products for years, myself included!

6) What is the number one thing you have learned or have taken away from working at Those Nature People?

Those Nature People Spices

I think the number one thing I have learned from working here would be being more comfortable to having an open mind. We get customers from all around the world from all different beliefs and backgrounds. I personally love hearing all of their reasons for believing in natural products and why the gemstones help them through rough times.

Thanks for chatting with us Sam! If you are interested in any of the crystals and products Sam talked with us about today, make sure you check out our website!

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