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January Birthstones!!

As we have seen, there are many different systems of birthstones and often, each culture will choose different stones for each month. January is interesting though, because among all those systems, there is one stone that dominates! Garnet! This beautiful stone is joined by just a couple other stones to represent the month of January. ​

Modern: garnet

Arabic: garnet

Ayurvedic: garnet

Hebrew: garnet

Hindu: serpent stone*not shown: experts disagree on what stone this is

Italian: garnet, jacinth*not shown: an old word certain varieties of zircon

Mystical: emerald

Polish: garnet

Roman: garnet

Russian: garnet, hyacinth*not shown: an old word certain varieties of zircon

Traditional: garnet


A stone of health and passion, garnet is said to help bring courage, calm, strength, and self-confidence. It may help to expel negative energies, transmute energies, and bring luck.


Emerald has been called the "stone of successful love." It is said to enhance unconditional love, unity, and promote friendship. It is said to bring harmony to all areas of one's life.


Zircon is an excellent stone to work with when trying to eliminate stress and anxiety. It is said to have a calming energy, when draws one back to the Earth.

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