• gram

Pudding Does Grow on Trees!!!

When I was a kid, I remember thumbing through seed catalogs and seeing a picture of a special fruit. You could cut off the top and eat pudding directly out of it with a spoon!!! What?!!? For real??

All the other plants had actual photographs of what the plant look like.

Not this one though. This one was hand-drawn. Much like in the comic book classified ads for X-ray glasses...so it was probably too good to be true.

We went to the Frankenmuth Farmers' Market last weekend. There was a woman selling a fruit I had never come across before. She lives just a few miles outside of town and and has a tree that they grow on.

They were paw paws.

Her sales pitch was- there’s a custard inside of them. You can either bite it at the end and squeeze it or eat it with a spoon.

Alas, I had found the pudding plant!!!

The woman had explained, the darker they are the more ripe they are much like a banana. I was so excited!!!

They were unique to say the least. Not sure if I really like them or not. Tasted kind of like a mango and banana combined together. Definitely a unique experience.

They contain several seeds in each one. We planted ours as it was actually beginning to sprout. Hopefully, in a few years, we will be picking our own Paw paws!