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Aches-n-Pains Blend Esscentual Roller

Aches-n-Pains Blend Esscentual Roller


Introducing the Aches and Pains Roll-On, a soothing elixir carefully crafted by Those Nature People to offer gentle relief from discomfort and promote wellness on-the-go. This convenient roll-on combines the nourishing properties of fractionated coconut oil with the potent essences of pure essential oils, including peppermint, clove, vetiver, wintergreen, lemon, and helichrysum.

With its compact design and mess-free application, the Aches and Pains Roll-On is your trusted companion for whenever discomfort strikes. Simply glide the rollerball over sore muscles, joints, or areas of tension, and feel the cooling, comforting sensation of the aromatic blend as it penetrates deeply into the skin.

Imagine carrying a little bottle of natural relief in your pocket or purse, ready to provide instant comfort whenever you need it most. Whether you're sitting at your desk, traveling on a long journey, or winding down after a strenuous workout, the Aches and Pains Roll-On is there to support your well-being every step of the way.

Let the cooling touch of peppermint and wintergreen soothe sore muscles and joints, while the warming embrace of clove and helichrysum provides comfort to achy areas. Vetiver and lemon add a refreshing twist, uplifting your spirits and invigorating your senses with their bright, citrusy aroma.

With the Aches and Pains Roll-On in your arsenal, you can embrace each day with confidence, knowing that natural relief is always within reach. So roll away discomfort, roll in tranquility, and roll on towards a happier, healthier you with the soothing power of Those Nature People's Aches and Pains Roll-On.


Great for achy joints to sore muscles, our Aches and Pains Esscentual Oil Roller is one of our most popular essential oil rollers. Our customers rave about how well it helps with aches and pains from head to toe. From arthritic hands to a bum knee, an aching back to tennis elbow~ our Aches and Pains Esscentual Oil Roller is there for you.

  • FDA Warning

     These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to be taken as medical advise. These products are not intended to treat or cure any disease


    Consulting with your  healthcare professionals can provide guidance and advice on the safe use of herbal products based on individual health needs and circumstances.

  • How to use

    HOW TO USE: shake well, remove cap, roll on to desired areas.


  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, pure essential oils of peppermint, clove, vetiver, wintergreen, lemon, helichrysum


    clear glass bottle; plastic roller top; black twist cap 10 ml (.33 oz) height: 2.7" diameter: 0.7"

  • Benefits and Uses

    The Aches-N-Pains Essential Oil Blend offers a range of benefits attributed to its carefully selected ingredients. Here are some of the potential benefits:

    Soothing Sore Muscles: The cooling and analgesic properties of Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Clove essential oils may help alleviate muscle soreness and discomfort, providing relief after physical exertion or strenuous activities.

    Relief from Nerve Pain: Peppermint and Clove essential oils contain compounds that may help reduce nerve pain and provide a numbing effect, offering relief from conditions such as neuropathy or neuralgia.

    Alleviation of Bone Pain: The warming properties of Clove and Wintergreen essential oils may help alleviate bone pain associated with conditions like arthritis or fractures, providing soothing relief and promoting comfort.

    Support for Tendons and Joints: Vetiver and Helichrysum essential oils possess anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce inflammation and stiffness in tendons and joints, promoting flexibility and mobility.

    Anti-inflammatory Effects: Several ingredients in the blend, including Clove, Lemon, Vetiver, and Helichrysum essential oils, exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, which may help reduce inflammation associated with various types of pain.

    Analgesic Properties: Peppermint, Clove, and Wintergreen essential oils have natural analgesic effects, providing temporary pain relief by numbing the affected area and reducing sensations of discomfort.

    Mood Enhancement: The uplifting aroma of Lemon essential oil may help improve mood and promote feelings of positivity and well-being, contributing to an overall sense of comfort and relaxation.

    Promotion of Relaxation: The combined effects of the essential oils in the blend may promote relaxation and stress relief, helping to alleviate tension and promote a sense of calmness.

    It's important to note that while Aches-N-Pains Essential Oil Blend offers these potential benefits, individual responses may vary. It's advisable to perform a patch test before using the blend topically and consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding.


  • The tale to tell

    In the bustling city of Riverside, nestled along the banks of the winding river, there lived a spirited young woman named Jennifer. Known for her passion and dedication to the sport of tennis, Jennifer spent countless hours honing her skills on the sun-drenched courts of the Riverside Tennis Club.

    As the day of the big match approached, excitement buzzed through the air like electricity, filling Jennifer's heart with a mix of anticipation and nervous energy. However, as she practiced her serves and volleys with fervor, a twinge of discomfort began to nag at her—her old nemesis, tennis elbow, and a soreness in her knee threatened to dampen her enthusiasm.

    Determined not to let pain stand in her way, Jennifer turned to her trusted companion: the Aches and Pains Roll-On from Those Nature People. With its compact size and mess-free application, it was the perfect remedy to carry in her tennis bag, ready to provide relief whenever she needed it most.

    As the morning of the match dawned, Jennifer found herself facing off against her toughest opponent yet. With each swing of the racket and every thunderous volley, the intensity of the game reached a crescendo, and Jennifer's muscles cried out for relief.

    With a quick swipe of the Aches and Pains Roll-On, Jennifer felt the cooling touch of peppermint and wintergreen seep into her skin, soothing her aches and invigorating her spirit. The warming embrace of clove and helichrysum provided comfort to her overworked muscles, while vetiver and lemon lifted her mood and filled her with renewed energy.

    With each passing point, Jennifer's confidence soared, fueled by the natural relief of the Aches and Pains Roll-On. Despite the fierce competition and the strain on her body, she played with grace and determination, channeling her inner strength and resilience.

    As the final point was won and the match came to a close, Jennifer emerged victorious, her spirit soaring high above the courts of Riverside. With a smile on her face and a grateful heart, she knew that she owed her triumph not only to her skill and determination but also to the soothing power of Those Nature People's Aches and Pains Roll-On.

    And so, as the sun dipped below the horizon and painted the sky with hues of pink and gold, Jennifer basked in the glow of her success, knowing that with the Aches and Pains Roll-On by her side, there was no obstacle she couldn't overcome.

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