Aches-n-Pains Salve

Aches-n-Pains Salve


Aches and Pains Salve is one of our most popular salves.  Seems as though people buy a small one to try, and then purchase the largest size over and over!  Our customers rave about how well it helps with aches and pains from head to toe.  From arthritic hands to a bum knee, an aching back to tennis elbow~ Aches and Pains Salve is there for you. 

Ingredients: organic* - shea butter*, coconut oil*, beeswax, almond oil*, pure essential oils of peppermint*, clove*, vetiver*, wintergreen*, lemon*, helichrysum*


HOW TO USE: allow a small piece to melt between the warmth of your hands and use in desired area.


clear glass hex jar and lid

1.5 oz (45 ml) h: 1.8" w: 2.0"

4 oz (120 ml) h: 2.4" w: 2.4"

6 oz (180 ml) h: 3.4" w: 2.4" 


please note- due to natural nature, texture will vary from batch to batch