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Bitchy Woman Herbal Tea

Bitchy Woman Herbal Tea


Introducing Bitchy Woman Herbal Tea, a natural herbal blend designed to support the reproductive organs and aid in the regulation of hormones. This specially formulated tea has been used beneficially by women with hormonal or menstrual cycle complaints, helping to ease menstrual  symptoms and promote overall reproductive health. Made with a proprietary blend of herbs known for their hormone-balancing properties, this herbal tea is a must-have for any woman looking for holistic support for her reproductive system. Whether you suffer from irregular periods, mood swings, or other hormonal issues, Bitchy Woman Herbal Tea is here to provide natural relief and bring balance to your body. Say goodbye to hormonal imbalances and hello to a happier, healthier you with Bitchy Woman Herbal Tea.


'I have been using this tea for my hot flashes and mood swings. the tea has made a tremendous improvement in my overall mood and has curbed the swings. Things have heated back up in the bedroom too! I have been drinking 2 cups a day for about 2 months now. I find the taste rather pleasing.' Maryanne- 49 Detroit MI


Ingredients: Organic - dong quai root, chaste tree berries, wild yam root, black cohosh root, peppermint leaf, lemongrass leaf, lady's mantle herb, motherwort herb, catnip leaf, fennel seed


Organic tea and herbs raised without chemicals or radiation.


45 Servings; Loose Leaf Tea


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

  • FDA Warning

    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to be taken as medical advise. These products are not intended to treat or cure any disease


    Consulting with your  healthcare professionals can provide guidance and advice on the safe use of herbal products based on individual health needs and circumstances.

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