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Citrine Rough

Citrine Rough


Stone shape, Color and Size may vary from photo above


Citrine is also a birthstone for November. It is said that Citrine doesn't hold negative energy. Rather, it transmutes it to positive. Thus, it never needs cleaned or cleared. Citrine is called The Merchant Stone because it is reportedly a powerful stone to attract prosperity and success. Place citrine in your safe, cash register or money bag to possibly increase business. It purportedly not only attracts wealth, it may help one maintain it. Citrine is believed to enhance the intuition and the connection with the higher self as well as focus the mind. It reportedly raises one's mood and encourages happiness and laughter, stabilize the emotions, and calm anger and frustration. Citrine may help remove fears, overcome nightmares and encourage a good night's sleep.


Birthstone: November    

Zodiac: Scorpio


*Not to be taken as medical advise*



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