Dog Breath Tooth Oil

Dog Breath Tooth Oil


An all natural way to keep your pet's mouth clean.  (Yes, humans may use it as well!) 

A drop or two on a toothbrush while brushing or if your pet is not keen on having it's teeth brushed add a couple drops to water. The oil will float so the dog will get it when he drinks.

Many dogs enjoy the flavor.


ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, pure essential oils of peppermint, spearmint, tea tree

15 ml - 300 drops
30 ml - 600 drops

Reviewed by Jane
A breath of fresh air!
We also love this! Along with your no fleas pleas and critter calmer! Especially for Maisy, our 11 year old pug! Her teeth and breath were horrible, This has made a huge difference. None of the pets minded the oil when we added it to their water. With Maisy we put some on our finger and just rubbed it along her gums.