Gretta's Gingerbread Black Tea

Gretta's Gingerbread Black Tea


Not many treats symbolize the holiday season as much as gingerbread does. Our delicious Gretta's Gingerbread black tea blend is a unique and festive infusion that is sure to comfort and inspire good tidings.


Gretta's Gingerbread features black tea, peach pieces, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla powder for a delectable, full-flavored black tea taste that is sure to please. Once steeped, you'll adore the mild and balanced spice taste of cinnamon and vanilla together with a hint of nutmeg. It is wonderfully steeped and enjoyed as is, and for a luxurious treat, we recommend that you add your favorite steamed milk of choice for a Gretta's Gingerbread Tea Latte!


  • Ingredients: organic - black tea, ginger pieces, vanilla powder, cinnamon, nutmeg
  • All-natural black tea raised without chemicals or radiation.

  • Black tea contains natural antioxidants, aids digestions, provides stress relief, immune system support, energy, and more!

  • 32 servings; loose leaf tea

  • 1.5oz (42g)