Pain Away Workshop Saturday February 18, 11:30am

Pain Away
Saturday February 18th, 11:30am
“Climb higher, free yourself, time to let go, breathe.” – C. Churchill
We all hold stress and tension in similar areas. Anxiety and emotional trauma tend to settle in our shoulders, back, and hips. In addition with modern day device use, work, driving, lifting toddlers, and high impact exercise, we are left with extreme tightness and pain.  Accompanied with a pain away massage oil for light adjustments and diffusing eucalyptus oil, together we will gently and mindfully move through sequences to release and open our shoulders, hips, and back. We will conclude with a peaceful shavasana, gifted anti-inflammatory turmeric shot, and a small jar of aches and pain salve to take home.
At the end of each workshop I will take a few moments to introduce the products used, explain benefits and uses for them, and of course take any questions. All products featured will be available for purchase.
Don’t forget your yoga mat!

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