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Purple Titanium Plated Rough Quartz

Purple Titanium Plated Rough Quartz


Titanium is said to project strength, mental activity, and fortitude. The Quartz reportedly enhances these qualities and may energize the entire chakra. Carrying or wearing a piece of Titanium Quartz is purported to make you feel grounded, centered, and energized.


Titanium Quartz is also said to be the Stone of  astral journeys, creativity,  assist with clairvoyance, vitality, strength,  centering, deep meditation,  communication, connection with spiritual side of life, and help with emotional balancing.

Chakra: All

Zodiac: All

Other Names: Titanium Aura Quartz, Flame Aura, Dark Rainbow Aura


For informational use only. Not to be taken as medical advice.

Stone shape, color and size may vary from the photo above

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