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Happy Birthday to our Libras!! ✨♎

It's the month of the Libras! Ruled by the planet Venus, Libras are wonderful people, full of love, who love beautiful things. They are gentle, cooperative people who love working with others. Libras like things to work out smoothly and don't care for confrontation. These are peace loving babies!!

We have some special things you for, Libras 💓💓 Wear your essential oil blend and carry these crystals to bring you luck, enhance your Libra traits, help you fight your natural weaknesses, or simply to celebrate the wonderful sign you were born under! Check out our essential oil blend and crystals we have picked out for you below!

Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Obsidian, Emerald, Moonstone, Aventurine, Lepidolite, Libra Essential Oil Blend

Libra Essential Oil Blend

  • Thyme: This oil has been used for boosting the immune system, improving circulation, as a stimulant, and more!

  • Sandalwood: Highly prized around the world, and in some cultures, considered holy. It has been used as a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, and a relaxant!

  • Rose: Beautiful roses, perfect for lovers like Libras! The highly prized oil of roses has been used to fight depression, fighting off infections, support the nervous system, and of course, as an aphrodisiac 💓

  • Orange: Orange essential oil has been used to detoxify the body, boost the mood, and help with anxiety!

Libra Crystals!!

  • Lapis Lazuli: Starting with the bright blue stone in the back of the circle! Lapis lazuli has always been valued for its stunning color, and has been used in jewelry, to display on its own, and also in paint! It has also been prized for its metaphysical properties: bringing truth, protection, revealing inner truth, and bringing mental clarity.

  • Aquamarine: The stone of youth! This crystal has also been said to inspire truth and trust, bring happiness and protection, and enhancing compassionate energy.

  • Bloodstone: As the name suggests, this stone has been used to support the circulation system. It has also been said to bring courage and comfort.

  • Obsidian: This stone is made of molten lava. It darkens and cools so quick it had no time to turn to glass. Obsidian has long been used as a stone of protection. It is said to shield against negative energy, stress, and psychic smog.

  • Emerald: Emerald has been called the "stone of successful love." It is said to enhance unconditional love, unity, and promote friendship. It is said to bring harmony to all areas of one's life.

  • Moonstone: Named for the moon, this stone is said to be particularly protective of all those who travel or work at night. This stone has long been prized by women and supportive to all events in a woman's life. This stone brings calming, peaceful, tranquil energies.

  • Aventurine: This stone has been used to help one make decisions from the heart, stimulate creative inspiration, giving courage, and bringing comfort and support.

  • Lepidolite: This crystal has been used to reduce stress. It has also been used to help one in a time of transition, and bring hope and honesty to all situations.

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