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October Birthstones!!

Since there are many different systems of birthstones, there are more options for your October jewelry and crystal decor that you may have realized! October is a month where the different systems chose lot's of different stones for the month... Let's take a look!

Modern Birthstones: opal, tourmaline

Arabic Birthstone: aquamarine

Ayurvedic: opal

Hebrew: aquamarine

Hindu Birthstone: coral

Italian Birthstones: beryl

Mystical Birthstone: jasper

Polish: aquamarine

Roman: aquamarine

Russian: beryl

Traditional: tourmaline



Aquamarine is said to be calming, soothing, and cleansing. It is believed to inspire truth, increase trust, bring good luck, fearlessness, and happiness. It has been called a stones of youth, and is alone believed to enhance rapid response, intellectual reasoning, and compassionate energy.

Green Beryl


Beryl is a stone for artists and sculptors! It is used to bring creativity, increase intelligence, and reduce fatigue. Beryl has also been used for protection when traveling, and is said to bring purification and guidance.

Red Coral


Coral is an ancient material, naturally formed in prehistoric times. It has been used to work through emotional issues and trauma, and is said to be supportive to relationships.

Red Jasper


Jasper has been long regarded as a healing and grounding stones. They are said to increase wisdom and understanding, as well as courage. There are a lot of varieties of jasper, and each variety has its own properties!


Yellow Opal


Opal is said to bring inspiration, imagination, creativity, and playfulness. It is associated with astral journeys, protection, love, innocence, happiness, and optimism. Opal is said to help with memory and confusion, and bringing one's highest potential to light.

Black Tourmaline


Tourmaline is believed to be a stone of protection, purification, and grounding. It is said to guard against radiation and help to neutralize one's own negative thoughts.


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