Bath Kit

Bath Kit


These Bath Kits are perfect for so many things, we cannot wait to see the ways you all use them! Go from the bath or shower to out the door with these items. 


Each Kit includes one of our handcrafted Bath Bombs, a Bar of Soap, a Lip Balm, and a Shea Silk Lotion (our top selling lotion for over 11 years)!


Choose from Chai, Lavender, or Vanilla.


Chai- Ohm Bath Bomb, Charlie's Chai Tea Soap, Chai Lip Balm, Chai Shea Silk

Lavender- Lavender Bath Bomb, Colleen's Lavender Cookies Soap, Orange Lavender Mint Lip Balm, and Lavender Shea Silk. 

Vanilla- Ohm Bath Bomb, Very Vanilla Soap, Vanilla Lip Balm, Vanilla Shea Silk