Cleatus' Clean Teeth - Tooth Oil

Cleatus' Clean Teeth - Tooth Oil


Cleatus was a happy soul

Smiling ear to ear. 

But when he'd come to talk to you

Your heart would fill with fear. 


His teeth were brown and dingy

His breath could gag a skunk.

His wife was searching desprately

To rid him of this funk. 


She mixed and blended potions

With help from cousin Keith.

Everyone was thrilled 

When they mixed Cleatus' Clean Teeth.


His teeth began to whiten

His breath became more clean.

And when he wore his smile

His teeth would shine and gleem.


No one could believe 

That it would possibly be true. 

So try it for yourself 

As we offer it to you!


Looking for a natural way to keep your teeth cleaner longer?  This all natural tooth oil helps clean teeth, fight bad breath and germs.  


HOW TO USE: Put 2-3 drops on toothbrush and brush as normal, three times a day.

Ingredients: almond oil, peppermint, spearmint, myrrh essential oils