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Dragon's Blood Resin Chunks

Dragon's Blood Resin Chunks


WHAT IS IT? Dragon's Blood Resin is from a fruit.


WHAT DO I DO WITH IT? There are many ways to use this resin. Some may include burning the resin like an incense, some traditions include banishing negativity and protection rituals, some blend the resin into oils and wear on their wrists to enhance personal power, self worth and confidence. One tradition is adding a piece of lodestone to dragon's blood oil is said to bring prosperity. Another is adding a piece of rose quartz to enhance love, friendship and open your heart chakra.


PAIRS WELL WITH: frankincense tears, myrrh gum resin chunks and patchouli herb


no scents added.

1 oz (28 g) in 3"x4" zip lock bag

igredients: calamus draco (dragon's blood resin) chunks

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