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Gumbo File Blend

Gumbo File Blend


Authentic flavors of the South with our Gumbo File Spice Jar, meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients including sassafras leaf powder and thyme leaf powder. Perfect for enhancing the rich flavors of traditional gumbo dishes, this blend adds a unique touch of earthy sweetness from the sassafras leaf powder and a hint of herbal freshness from the thyme leaf powder. Elevate your gumbo to new heights of taste and authenticity with our Gumbo File Spice Jar and experience a delicious blend that will transport your senses to the heart of Louisiana.


Ingredients: sassafras leaf powder, thyme leaf powder


Available in 2 different sizes:


Spice Jar weight: 2.1 oz (60.0 g)

Comes in aclear glass spice jar, opening is for pouring and sifting

Height: 4.1" diameter: 2.0"


Ounce Bagweight: 1.0 oz (28.0 g)

Comes in a 3"x3" zip lock bag

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