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Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt


Black Lava Sea Salt is naturally derived from the sparkling ocean waters off the island of Molokai. Molokai is a secluded, mostly undeveloped island. It provides the ideal conditions for pure, mineral rich, sea salt. Solar evaporators are used to avoid stripping the natural minerals from the salt, leaving it in its purest possible state and consistency. The harvested sea salt is then combined with native-Hawaiian black lava (activated charcoal), which is abundant in activated carbon. Activated charcoal, adds virtually no flavor, but is known for its detoxifying properties and used as a digestive aide.

Black Lava Sea Salt has a crunchy texture and a dramatic deep black color. Great for adding a splash of flair to any dish as a tasty finishing salt. Impress your guests as you sprinkle black lava sea salt over salads, eggs, chicken, or fish.

Available by the shaker jar or in a .5 ounce zip bag


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