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Lemon Basil & White Sage Mini Smudge Stick

Lemon Basil & White Sage Mini Smudge Stick


Experience the harmonious blend of refreshing citrus and grounding earthiness with our Lemon Basil and White Sage Smudge Stick. Infused with the purifying properties of white sage and the uplifting energy of lemon basil, this handcrafted smudge stick offers a revitalizing and cleansing experience for your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you're looking to clear negative energy, uplift your mood, or deepen your spiritual practice, our smudge stick is the perfect companion. Illuminate your space with the bright, citrusy aroma of lemon basil and the soothing, grounding essence of white sage, and step into a realm of clarity, positivity, and renewal.


Used for cleansing, bringing happiness, uplifting mood, getting rid of negative energy, and steadying the mind.



  • Product Specs

    Approximately 4 inches in length

  • Ingredients

    Contains: White Sage and Lemon Basil Leaves

  • Benefits and Uses

    Using a lemon basil and white sage smudge stick is a wonderful way to cleanse and purify your space while infusing it with uplifting and refreshing energy. Here's why and how to use it:

    Why Use a Lemon Basil and White Sage Smudge Stick:

    • Purification: White sage is renowned for its purifying properties, capable of clearing negative energy and promoting a sense of clarity and renewal. Lemon basil, with its bright and citrusy aroma, adds an extra layer of freshness and purification to the smudging experience, helping to uplift and invigorate the senses.
    • Uplifting Energy: The combination of lemon basil and white sage creates a harmonious blend of earthy and citrusy scents, which can elevate the mood and bring a sense of joy and positivity to your space. This makes it ideal for use during times of stress, fatigue, or low energy.
    • Spiritual Connection: Smudging with lemon basil and white sage can help deepen your connection to nature and the divine. The refreshing aroma of lemon basil uplifts the spirit, while the grounding properties of white sage provide a sense of stability and rootedness, creating a balanced and harmonious atmosphere for meditation, prayer, or spiritual practices.
  • How to use

    How to Use a Lemon Basil and White Sage Smudge Stick:

    • Prepare Your Space: Choose a well-ventilated area where you can safely conduct the smudging ceremony. Open windows and doors to allow negative energy to exit and fresh air to enter.
    • Light the Smudge Stick: Hold the smudge stick at a downward angle and light one end using a flame. Allow it to burn for a few seconds until a flame appears, then gently blow it out, allowing the embers to smolder and produce smoke.
    • Set Your Intention: Before you begin smudging, take a moment to set your intention for the ceremony. This could be purification, upliftment, or any other positive intention you wish to manifest.
    • Waft the Smoke: Hold the smudge stick in one hand and a feather or your other hand underneath to catch any falling ashes. Using a gentle waving motion, guide the smoke around yourself, another person, or throughout the space you wish to cleanse. Visualize the smoke purifying and revitalizing the energy of the space, filling it with light and positivity.
    • Express Gratitude: As you smudge, express gratitude for the cleansing and uplifting energies of the lemon basil and white sage. You may also offer prayers or affirmations aligned with your intention.
    • Complete the Ceremony: Once you have completed the smudging ceremony, carefully extinguish the smudge stick by pressing the burning end into a fireproof container or sand. Ensure that it is fully extinguished before storing or discarding.

    Additional Tips:

    • Practice mindfulness and reverence throughout the smudging ceremony, honoring the sacredness of the ritual and the natural elements involved.
    • Trust your intuition and adapt the smudging process to suit your personal preferences and spiritual beliefs.
    • After the ceremony, take time to bask in the uplifting energy of the lemon basil and white sage, allowing it to rejuvenate your spirit and refresh your surroundings.

    By incorporating a lemon basil and white sage smudge stick into your spiritual practice, you can cleanse and purify your space while uplifting your energy and deepening your connection to nature and the divine.

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