Rouge Berry Rooibos Herbal Tea

Rouge Berry Rooibos Herbal Tea


This tea begins with rooibos tea, full-bodied, nutty, with a hint of vanilla. Then we add hibiscus and currants for natural sweetness and earthiness, rose hips for a bit of tang, and finally elderberries and cranberries for just a hint of sour tartness. Fruity and complex, this tea blend is berry delicious!


  • Ingredients: Organic - rooibos tea, hibiscus flowers, currants, rose hips, elderberries, cranberries, natural fruit oil
  • All-natural red rooibos tea raised without chemicals or radiation.

  • Rooibos contains natural antioxidants, boosts metabolism, helps with headaches, is supportive to the immune system, and more!

  • 32 servings; loose leaf tea