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Salt Scrub

Salt Scrub


Exfoliate and soften the skin all in one; great for blemishes, flaky skin or oily prone skin.


  • Sea salt is useful for exfoliating, softening, smoothing rough skin, detoxifying and more. 
  • Almond oil is useful for deep cleaning pores, cleaning follicles, blemishes, and is rich vitamin A
  • Grapeseed oil is useful for blemishes, reducing the appearance of scars, cleaning pores, moisturize, tightening, and is a skin toner
  • Jojoba oil is useful for soothing blemishes, chaffing, redness, flaky skin, cleansing pores, anti-inflammatory
  • Castor oil is useful for moisturizing, cleaning pores, helping skin absorption, blemishes, and more. 

Reviewed by Lovekelk
Great product!

I love the Ginger Mint and the Rosemary scrubs! This product scrubs off skin so well, yet it is so gentle I could use it every day. The oils leave my skin so soft, I rarely have to use a moisturizer. I keep my two teenage daughters, 3 sisters, and mother supplied with this mix. That alone should show you the different skin ages that this will work with.


Ingredients: sea salt, oils of almond, grapeseed, jojoba, castor, wheat germ and pure essential oils
8 oz PET container

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