Skinny Mini Herbal Tea

Skinny Mini Herbal Tea


This blend of herbs is commonly used to be supportive of the digestive system and increases metabolism to facilitate weight loss. Users have have seen positive results with drinking this blend along with a sensible diet and exercise program. This blend is HOT and BITTER tasting. If you are not a fan of those flavors then our blend “Light Weight Herbal Tea," it would be a much better option!


"Well as you said, this stuff doesn’t taster the best at first, but I’ve grown fond of it, its been 10 weeks and I’ve lost 15 pounds.” Shanayra, Flint, MI


"I’m down 40 pounds now! I actually like the taste now! This is the only change that I have made, I have replaced my 2 cups of diet coke for 2 cups 'Skinny Mini' and I have lost 40 pounds! I cant wait to see the whole crew at our reunion next month!” – Debbie, 43, Flint, MI


Ingredients: Organic - damania, nettle leaf and root, oatstraw, wormwood, blessed thistle, dandelion leaf, nutmeg, celery seed, cayenne, stevia and ginger

Organic tea and herbs raised without chemicals or radiation. 45 Servings; Loose Leaf Tea


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