Witches Brew Black Tea

Witches Brew Black Tea


The base for this tea is actually a blend: black tea, green tea, and patchouli leaf. All together, these create an aromatic smoky, earthy, deep blend. We spiced it up with the best, strong Vietnamese cinnamon and pungent, spicy clove. Orange peel brings in a citrusy, bright quality, and finally, jasmine perfectly balances the blend with a sweet, floral finish. This tea is complex and full of flavor, and its strong taste and high caffeine content make it a perfect tea to warm up your day during cooler months.


  • Ingredients: Organic- black tea, green tea, patchouli leaf, orange peel, jasmine flower, Vietnamese cinnamon and clove powder
  • All-natural black tea raised without chemicals or radiation.

  • Black tea contains natural antioxidants, aids digestions, provides stress relief, immune system support, energy, and more!

  • 32 servings; loose leaf tea

  • 1.9oz (53g)