Wore Out Herbal Tea

Wore Out Herbal Tea


This blend of herbs is known to be supportive to the adrenal glands.

Our adrenaline level is meant to rise in our body when we are physically threatened to help us handle the situation. My example is that in nature, if we are approached by a lion adrenaline is release with elevates to heart rate, pupils dilate, extra blood sugar is released and our mind is heightened in awareness. This is our version of “fight or flight” response. So you then battle the lion or turn around and run like hell! In either case the body uses the glucose and adrenaline. In today’s society we are not in danger from lions but stressful situations such as traffic jams or running late for an appointment causes the same response in our body, but we don’t physically burn it off. Our adrenal glands are working on overdrive due to stress, caffeine intake, poor diet and lack of physical exercise. This leaves us feeling tired and drained which leads to the search for more caffeine and stimulants which only snowballs the problem.

Ingredients: Organic - licorice root, wild yam, lemonbalm, lemongrass, oatstraw, nettles, borage leaf and yellowdock root. Organic tea and herbs raised without chemicals or radiation.

45 Servings; Loose Leaf Tea

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