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Yerba Santa Herb 1oz

Yerba Santa Herb 1oz


Yerba Santa has a long history of use in traditional holistic medicine. Yerba Santa herb is perfect for those looking to incorporate this powerful herb into their holistic wellness routine. Yerba Santa is often used to support respiratory health, making it a popular choice for those looking to clear congestion and promote easier breathing. Additionally, it is known for its ability to support the immune system and aid in overall well-being. Whether used in teas, tinctures, or topical applications, Yerba Santa is a versatile herb that can be a valuable addition to any holistic wellness regimen. Add Yerba Santa herb to your holistic medicine cabinet and experience the natural benefits for yourself.


Yerba Santa Herb, also known as the “holy herb,” is a truly versatile and powerful tool for anyone seeking a holistic approach to their wellness journey. This 1oz package of dried Yerba Santa Herb can be used for numerous purposes, including smudging ceremonies to clear negative energy, as an herbal supplement for respiratory health, or as an ingredient in natural beauty products. Yerba Santa Herb is often used in spiritual practices to help connect with the divine and promote healing of both the mind and body. Whether you are looking to cleanse your space, support your physical health, or deepen your spiritual practice, Yerba Santa Herb can be a valuable addition to your holistic tool kit.


Also known as Bear Weed or Mountain Balm Leaf. 

This herb is commonly used for inflamed joints, congestion, respiratory complaints.


Eriodictyon californicum

Organic herb raised without the use of chemicals or radiation.

1.0 oz (28.0 g) in zip lock bag


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