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Ghosts be Gone! 👻👻 (Part One): Smudging with Herbs and Oils

This Fall, we have had the opportunity to work with the Frankenmuth Walking Tours company! They are a company that runs themed walking tours around the city of Frankenmuth, where our main store is located, and we host the beginning and end of their tours! These past few weeks, their Haunted Frankenmuth Walking Tour has been VERY popular, (check out their website for ticket availability!) and a lot of people have come in to the store asking about how they can protect themselves from different energies and spirits that might be floating around. Well, we have some things to share with you that may help with just that!

As we get closer to the end of October, some say that the veil between worlds is getting closer and closer... in fact, the reason that holidays which acknowledge the spirits of those who have departed like the Day of the Dead and Halloween all occur at the end of October and the beginning of November can be traced to the Celtic Roots of Samhain, which marked the beginning of the darker half of the year, and was believed to be the time when this world and the world after get closest, and energies can most easily travel between the two. Make sure you check out our upcoming blog on Samhain for more information on the holiday, which was one of the most important of the important times of the year.

Some still believe that this time of year, paranormal activity reaches its height, and you may be feeling the effects of this! Those who study paranormal activity will tell you that if you feel the following sensations, you may be sensing a spirit or energy: hot/cold spots in the room, a feeling of being watched, unexplained shadows, problems with electronics and lights, smells and sounds, and of course, things like objects moving by themselves! Spooky!!

In this post, we are going to cover smudging, the ritual of using herbs to bless and cleanse. Make sure you check back for our next post about using protective stones!


Smudging has been one way that people have been cleansing their home of unwanted spirits and energies for a very long time; in fact, using herbs, smoke, and scents in spiritual rituals is a practice that is found in cultures around the world. Smudging is one example of this, and is said to have evolved from the Native American practice of using herbs to bless or cleanse people, places, and things. A smudge stick is simple a bundle of dried herbs, all of which have different metaphysical properties. We carry many different smudge sticks, which all have different properties based on the herbs in them, and come in a variety of sizes:

  • White Sage Smudge Stick:

  • White Sage: Healing, blessing, cleansing

  • Sacred Feather Smudge Stick:

  • Copal: Protective, cleansing spirits

  • Lavender: Calm, guard against evil

  • Juniper: Protective, cleansing, prosperity

  • White Sage: Cleansing, healing, protection

  • Rosemary: Cleansing, invigorates, inspires

  • Sacred 5 Star Smudge Stick:

  • Sweetgrass: Dispel evil, attract positivity

  • Lavender: Calm, guards against evil

  • White Sage: Cleansing, healing, protection

  • Cedar: Wisdom, protection, cleansing

  • Copal: Cleansing, purification, attraction

  • Juniper and Cedar:

  • Juniper: Protective, cleansing, prosperity

  • Cedar: Wisdom, protection, cleansing

  • Sweetgrass Braid:

  • Sweetgrass: May be helpful for bringing positive energy and good vibes back to your person or space.

Using the smudge stick is actually very simple and safe, as long as you are taking proper precautions!

  1. Open all the windows in the home or specific room that you are blessing/cleansing.

  2. Light the tip of the smudge stick (using a candle if you choose), and then waving or fanning until the herbs begin to smolder. You should not have a strong flame going, instead, you are looking for the scented smoke.

  3. Hold the stick over a fireproof container at all times as you move around the space or person you are blessing/cleansing.

  4. If you are blessing a home or a room, walk around the walls, paying special attention to corners doors, windows, and spaces where people hang out a lot. Using a hand or a feather, waft the smoke in you intended directions. You may choose to incorporate your own rituals, such as blessing the four directions, saying a prayer, or listening to specific music or chanting.

  5. If you are blessing a person, begin at the feet and move up towards the head. You may choose to include a prayer or blessing for the person. Consider acknowledging each chakra as you move up the body.

  6. Once you have concluded, extinguish your smudge stick. A bowl of sand is a handy for this: Point the smoldering end of the stick into the sand, and then leave it there until it is completely cooled before packing away.


You can also use essential oils in your smudging rituals, since they are derived from plants and contain the same metaphysical properties. We have a few essential oil blends to consider:

  • Sybil's Smudge: Our original smudge blend, available in either a Super Spritzer (for cleansing a room) or a Roller Bottle (for use topically).

  • Sage: Cleansing, healing, protection

  • Lavender: Calm, guard against evil

  • Cedarwood: Wisdom, protection, cleansing

  • Vanilla: Energy, wisdom, love

  • Witche's Brew: Actually based off of one of our popular fall blends, Witche's Brewe contains oils from many herbs that are said to have impressive metaphysical properties! Available in a Super Spritzer (for cleansing a room) or a Roller Bottle (for use topically).

  • Cinnamon: Success, healing, protection

  • Clove: Prosperity and love

  • Nutmeg: Prosperity, luck, protection

  • Orange: Abundance, love, happiness

  • Patchouli: Fertility, love, prosperity

  • Ylang Ylang: Attraction, peace, calm

  • Fennel: Strenth, vitality, protection

  • Monster Spray: Intended as a night spray for kids to ward off monsters under the bed. (Also to aid the little ones' sleep, with all natural essential oils that may be helpful for restlessness, calming the mind and relaxing the body!) However, this oils in this spray are also said to have metaphysical properties that make the blend appropriate for use in cleansing/blessing a child's space. Available in a Super Spritzer (for cleansing a room) or a Roller Bottle (for use topically).

  • Chamomille: Calm and healing

  • Copiaba Balsam: Strength, positivity, good dreams

  • Vanilla: Energy, wisdom, love

  • Ylang Ylang: Peace and calm


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. We make no claim to their ability to treat or cure any medical condition. This product is not to replace the care of a doctor. This information is for informational purposes only and is not to be taken as medical advise. Consult with your doctor before starting any dietary supplements, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a medical condition. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if any adverse effects occur.

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