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His interests were gardening, nutrition, and everything concerning being and staying healthy.

My Friend Robert

We had been open in our Frankenmuth location for about a week.

A woman came in the door with a big smile and instant conversation. Her father had sent her to see about some herbs. He was 101 years old and lived a few blocks away from the shop. I didn't have one of the herbs on his list- Small flowered willow herb. And honestly, I'd never even heard of it. She left me his name and address. I called around to some comrades and tracked some down. When it arrived, I took a walk to deliver it.

I knocked on the door. It opened to the cutest little old man I'd ever seen. (I'd spent nearly 9 years working in nursing homes- so he had some strong competition!) I introduced myself and he welcomed me in. I was amazed at his agility. He lived alone in his own home. He walked independently, and quite quickly at that. His mind was sharp and memory was intact.

We sat and chatted for well over an hour. I enjoyed his stories and company.

He had given up his drivers license last year. "I can still drive, but those other drivers out there are just too dangerous." :)

He told me of how he served as a medic in WW2. He was injured and had become quite ill. "I nearly died, but then was healed by a naturopath. Them doctors can keep their medicine. God has given us all we need to heal and nourish ourselves in the fields and forests of the world"

He had kept an herbal record over the years of herbs he had used and their effects. I was beyond honored when he gave it to me on a visit several years later. Yes, several YEARS later!

In it he wrote repeatedly of calendula. He told me it was one of his most used, both internal and external. He said it was the most healing herb there is. Gave credit to it for his mobility. He said whenever he would start any pain in his legs, he would put calendula poultice or lotion on the back of his knees.

I formulated the "Vein Pain" salve with his words in mind. I took him a jar and he was quite pleased. Whenever I visited I would take him a fresh jar...always seemed to be just the right as he was scraping the bottom of the previous.

He passed away a few years back.

He lived to be 108!

One hundred and eight years on this earth. What an amazing accomplishment.

I am forever thankful for meeting him. Grateful for the knowledge he shared with me.

He crosses my mind frequently. Every time I see a marigold, I picture him walking around.

I come across his daughter from time to time about town. She always has a big smile and a hug. Next time I'll ask for a picture to share with this story.

His obituary read Robert answered the call of God on Sunday, after a wonderful long life and a short time spent in a wheelchair at the age of 108 years. His interests were gardening, nutrition, and everything concerning being and staying healthy.

May we all be so fortunate.

If you are interested in the Vein Pain, here is the link or click on the picture.

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