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Spirit Tree

Have you ever identified with something outside of yourself?

I saw this tree and fell in love.

I must have stared at it for 30 minutes. With complete awe and adoration. I'll admit this isn't the first tree I've fallen in love with. There have been many to catch my eye! But this one was different.

Sometimes we stay in a path because we have invested so much into it. I put an education and a decade of service into my previous career. I stood tall, but felt I was dying inside each day. I no longer had faith or passion for my path. I was fortunate to have a steady job that paid the bills. I resented going to work. It was time for a change.

A couple of steps and a giant leap....and the new adventure had begun. Blood, sweat, tears, swearing, laughing, crying, screaming, loving, learning, growing. Never once looking back, but never sure of where I was going either.

It seems like the crack of a whip, but a decade has passed of creating a life and career I believe in and adore.

I looked at this tree. It's original path had changed as well. I'm far from an expert, but I'd say it also has about a decade of growth in it's new direction. It's taken some twists and turns. It's endured some cold nights and hot days. But it continues to grow. Taller and stronger with each tick of the clock.

This is my spirit tree.

Take the step.

Start your new branch.

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